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September 2007
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The Missing Link

Had the pleasure last night of participating in a focus group planning for the future of our local technical college. Southwest Wisconsin Technical College is essential to the future of our area.

I’ve worked with them very closely in the past while I was involved as an economic development professional and again as the community relations coordinator for Boscobel Area Health Care. The services they offered were a critical element in the decision of several companies to locate or expand in our area. And at BAHC I would estimate that between 40-60% of our staff of 270 had received training through SWTC. Without them we would face a much tougher time staffing our facility.

While the session went well I did some reflecting on the process after it was over and I found one key element missing. I knew most of the people who were in attendance. In fact, most of them were my age….and suffice it to say, I’m on the leading edge of the “Thundering Herd” (The new name I coined for Baby Boomers…..we’re a long way from the ‘baby’ stage…..that title needs updating.)

Where was the under 30 crowd? Many of the issues raised concerned them but they weren’t there to present their perspective.

Were they the missing link?