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February 2009
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Do you take directions or take charge?

What kind of person are you? Are you the type of person who asks others what needs to be done and how they want it done and then work your tail off to deliver exactly what was expected? Or are you the type of person who learns what needs to be done and then finds a new and innovative way to exceed everyone’s expectations. Both approaches have merit but during challenging economic times only one will help you prepare for the future.

The media tells us every day how bad things are. If we follow their directions we will pull in our horns, proceed cautiously and focus on survival. If we take charge we may discover opportunities that the current economic situation may be offering us.

An example. State budget shortfalls are leading to cutbacks in service. But doesn’t that open the door for private businesses to step in where the state has left a vacuum? People are being laid off. Talented, experience people. People who want to work. Isn’t that an opportunity to add some top shelf talent to your staff? You may not be in a position to hire someone full-time right now but more than likely you may be able to get some of them to freelance for you on a project by project basis. As the economy turns for the better you’ll have worked with several people in a variety of situations. You’ll know which ones to bring on board when you can offer a more permanent position. Try before you buy and everyone benefits in the process.

Are there challenges in today’s economy? Certainly. But there are also a host of opportunities. It’s all up to you. You can either take directions or take charge.