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October 2009
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Beating Average Shouldn’t be This Easy.

During taping of the second session of our web development videos for the Richland County I & E Club I was surprised (and a little disturbed) by one of the comments that John Wells of WebWise Design & Marketing made. I had written down and prioritized my reasons for doing a website (I only had five) and as I finished, John said that this was more information than most people had when they walk into a web developer’s office. 

What? You’ve got to be kidding me! 

Can this be true? Is the world really this unprepared? Say it ain’t so, Joe. If it is, then beating average is w-a-a-a-a-a-y too easy. 

Here’s Session Two of our series. 

Website Design Series for I & E Club

I just took over as facilitator for the Richland County Inventors and Entrepreneurs Club. This group meets monthly on the third Wednesday of the month and the primary purpose is to give people the opportunity to network with others who are going through similar experiences as they try to develop a product or business.

In addition to networking, we also provide educational programs and access to information and resources that will be of use to the participants. As a supplement to the meeting we are trying something new (for us anyway) by taping a series of brief info sessions and posting them on YouTube for viewing at any time. Our first topic is website development and our first session can be accessed using the link below. Your comments are most appreciated.