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March 2010
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Do you have an ‘evil plan’?

I read several blogs on a regular basis and I also act as a co-facilitator for the Richland County (WI) Inventors and Entrepreneurs Club. So what do those two things have in common?

The blogs I most often frequent are usually written by small business people who are in the process of starting or growing their own businesses. They don’t claim to have all the answers but they share a running dialogue of their thoughts as they deal with the challenges that most people in these situations face. Just like the folks who participate in our I & E meetings.

One of the best of these is Hugh MacLeod. He does drawings on the backs of business cards and he’s turned that unique approach to art into a real business. His blog is at His most recent post is an update on his second book which is nearly completed. “Evil Plans” is his look at what it takes to get out of the rat race and back into the human race by doing the things you love. And he’s practical enough to know that you have to be able to make a living in the process.

Every entrepreneur I know should be able to relate to what he shares as they develop their own ‘evil plans.’

Here’s a sample of his thinking:

notdelusional sxswCopy.jpg